This IP address allows you to enter the interface of your modem, ie the modem settings page.

By logging into the modem interface, you can change your modem wifi password, remove network problems, make your network more secure (Mac Filtering), and watch all your connected devices on your network. You can see this IP address interface by typing from your browser. The default IP address is an IP value used by many modem manufacturers to access and configure the mode.

Usually you do not have an internet connection, so you need to connect to the modem settings page. The page you are trying to connect to is not an internet page. Logging into the setup page of your modem without the Internet will not harm your computer in any way. So you can not do this while doing it, but do not worry if the antivirus or firewall is a negative warning.

Modem brands entered with 192168.1.2 ip address: Billion, Datron, Home Station, Bec, Dost GVC

First, make sure your modem is connected to your computer via wifi or ethernet and that your modem is working smoothly. Then you should check the IP address of your modem. Your IP address will most likely be192.168.1.2. If you are not sure about this, you can look at the bottom surface of your modem.

Type in the search bar of the computer or device browser that your modem is connected to. If you want to login with the computer you are reading this article, you can login to the modem interface page by clicking on the link above.

Type in your username and password in the interface that opens to log in to the mod. If you do not know how to crack, first look at the text below your modem. Usually, your modem has factory-installed password information here. If you do not have a tag or you can not reach the modifier, you can find the standard modem passwords from this page.

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