is a gateway referred to by the name as the ip address. A guide that provides settings for your modems and allows you to orient these settings in the way you want. It is extremely important to ensure the settings of modems. Because, with the increasing technological developments with globalization, all countries started to focus on cyber precautions.

The articles included in the Criminal Code were introduced under the name of internet crimes. The reason for all this is that due to the internet, there is no longer the borders of the countries and the time and space become insignificant. All this is one of the factors that hinder the security of the Internet and paves the way for internet crimes.

It is not known who is carried out by the many crimes carried out over the Internet. Because ip addresses and internet providers are always provided through other people. So, any of your neighbors may be infected with cybercrime, and even worse, you may be able to commit this crime through your Internet connection. In this case, you will be under suspicion for all these crimes and maybe you will have to be punished. You must use your gateway effectively to prevent all this.

If you want to ensure the security of your modems, you need to ensure your Internet security if you want to have a safe and fast internet. So you should personalize your modems and make them specific to you and your people. Ensuring personalization of modems requires trusted access to the interface of the modem using the gateway address. You can follow the steps we will talk about to do this.

The Other IP Adresses

The IP address is not the only IP address used for this purpose. These addresses you can access to the management panel vary by modem. It can also be effective not only for your modem, but also for your computer. For this reason, when receiving a modem, you should choose both your computer and your local internet speed. Finally, you should learn the IP address of this modem according to its model and type.

Generally, modems are provided to you by internet provider companies, so basic information is also included in the user manual or modem booklets. By reading these booklets, you can find the ip address that is compatible with your modem. Introduction to Modem Interface

• After you have completed the setup of your modem and your internet connection has been established, open your browser installed on your computer.
• Type in the address bar of your browser and press login to enter.
• When you are finished, a screen appears in front of you. This screen prompts for a user name and password. If you do not know your username and password, please refer to your modem user guide. The use of modems is different and specific to the brand, model. For this reason, each user name and each password do not provide access to the interface of each modem. At the end of our article we will talk about modem models.
• After entering your username and password, you can continue the process by clicking ”Login” button. The screen that appears is the interface of your modem. From this system you can set any kind of your modem.

We suggest that you change your modem name and password first. Then you can complete your modem settings by editing your internet speed, the number of people you will provide the internet and many other information.

Unable to Enter Interface

If you cannot access the interface, you can follow these steps:

• If you are using any Antivirus program, close the program and try again.
• If not, replace your browser and try again. The address line of some browsers acts directly as a search engine. Try removing the feature and re-entering the address in the address line.
• If there was no effect again, reset your modem and then repeat the operation.

If you are still unable to log in to the interface of your modem after trying these operations, you will need to request a technical service from your internet provider.

I Forgot The Modem Password, How Do I Find Out?

  • Turn on the router by pressing the power key.
  • When your modem is on, there is a fine black hole on the back of your modem that says reset..
  • There is a space in the bottom of the reset area. Resetting is done through this black hole.The reason for this key is that it does not enter the factory settings by valuing anywhere where the modem is located.This means that by pressing this button, your router settings are not compromised.
  • Press this area for 5-10 seconds with the help of a pointed object such as a thick needle or pencil. This is the time when the reset process starts and continues. Then, all the lights of your modem will turn on and off again.
  • You can change your password by entering the modem interface again through your IP address

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Settings That Can Be Made with

Since you are logged in to the interface panel of your modem, you will be able to make any adjustments here.

• The highest priority setting is of course changing the user name and password of the modem. This information, which is visible and accessible to other users, will be the most basic security setting. When changing the password, you need to pay attention to the letters and numbers. So you need to create a strong password.
• You can change the speed of your Internet usage with this panel.
• You can detect the devices that can be accessed via your modem and restrict internet access of certain devices. From time to time you can access the internet only on your own computer.
• You can also edit the parental guidance from within the panel.

You can determine all these and similar serious security settings like wifi password change by using the methods we have mentioned and you can easily use a safe and secure internet.