How is Internet Security Provided

Nowadays, the internet is now in every house and started to be used by everyone. With the unpredictable development of technology, the crimes have been processed even on the internet. Because of all these reasons, the use of secure internet is not so important. With a few simple measures we can take, we can ensure the security of our internet and protect ourselves from the risks we face. Let us briefly discuss these measures:

We must use your wifi password publicly. It can easily infiltrate your network through some programs. Create a hard password and change your wifi password periodically.

You must change your social media accounts and the websites of your membership at least every 3 months.

Your program must always be an anti-virus program. Anti-virus programs that you can not even notice many of the firewall by blocking your data from being out of the computer.

You should not open e-mails that you do not know about your e-mail address.

You must read the membership form of the programs you use and the websites you frequently log in. Some applications transmit data to other programs. Therefore, it is useful to carefully look at the membership forms in order to avoid a situation such as the sale of your information.

All applications must be up-to-date from the simplest to the most complex within your computer. The more current the software you are using, the more secure your internet usage will be.

Shopping over the Internet is of course safe, but if you are a conscious user. You should always pay attention to the website in the address line when shopping online. You should not shop and provide your card information from any website without https: //.

It will be much more useful if you do not save your information such as card password and account number on your phone or web site.

There are many websites and many pirate publications on the Internet. So when you need to download a file, you should not trust every website. Take care to make your application downloads through some known markets.

Be extremely selfish in sharing your personal information. Information can be played very quickly, especially on platforms and game sites used by millions of people.

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  1. Thank you for the guidelines issued to configure the access app to improve the IT technology more transparent.

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