How to Change the Wifi Password?

Modems are magic boxes that are tasked with providing the internet. Each Wifi shows features according to the area of use. For this reason, it is very important to adapt your Wifi devices to your personal use. In order to achieve this, certain rules must be known by the users.

Of course, the first process you can do to adapt your modems to your personal use should be to change your Wifi password. It is known that whenever a modem reaches the user, it is made ready for use with the password behind it. Therefore, this password can become very easy to solve for some internet thieves. In this case, many users can obtain internet service via Wifi connection. To avoid this, you can change your Wifi password by following these steps.

• First, find the user guide that is included in the box for your modem.
• It is useful to turn the modem off and on to enable your modem to come to you before starting operations.
• Then open the computer to which you will perform the operations and connect it to the Wifi network.
• Each of the modems has its own interface. This interface allows you to configure your modem settings. This can be accomplished through addresses such as or If the IP address is appropriate for your modem, you should find this IP address. As a matter of fact, this information is included in your modem booklet.
• On your computer, open your internet provider and enter this IP address in the address line and press enter.
• The display shows the user name and password. You can fill in this information using your modem booklet.

When all these operations are performed respectively, the interface of the modems is reached. Modem interface Wifi is a setting catalog to change your password. After entering your interface, you can easily change your password by clicking on Wifi Settings button.

Our suggestion is that after you have entered the interface, you can personalize not only your Wifi password but also all the other settings. In recent days, internet crimes have begun to show excessive redundancy and you can be harmed from every crime that can be realized through your internet information. You can therefore use your user limit settings.

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