How to Setup Router Admin?

Router admin setup must be properly configured to use the internet service. Usually, the setup of modems makes technical services sent by your internet provider, but sometimes when the router is changed, or when your internet provider is changed, the business is dealt with and the processes must be done one by one.

If this is the case and you do not know how to install the modem, you can read our article in detail and complete your modem setup.

You need to know which cable should be installed in order to do your router admin setup exactly. The first step is to connect the cables on your computer to the corresponding areas on your modems. You can do this by following the indicators on the cables. To make sure that the cables are connected to the right areas, you need to reset your modem and check the lights on your modem. You can control these lights as follows:

  • To see if there is data on the cable between your computer and your modem, you need to look at the Ethernet light. If it’s on, it’s data.
  • You need to check the DSL light to see if there is internet on your line.
  • You should check the power supply light to see if you have an electrical connection.
  • Finally, you should check the WLAN light to see if a wireless internet connection is available.
  • All of these lights should be on fire. If one or more of the lights are not lit, the cables are either improperly connected or your internet provider has not yet transferred the data. If the lights are on, you have made the first stage of your modem installation.
  • After controlling the lights, you will need to provide the full installation of the modem by entering the WEB interface. To do so, open your browser with Internet access and enter in the address bar.If the modem is not a second-hand, if it is a first-time modem, you can log in by pressing ler admin alan in both the user name and password sections on the screen.
  • After logging in to the modem interface, you can click on the Quick Install button to set up your ADSL settings. First, you will see a step named Protocol. You must select either the protocol, PPPoE or PPPoA.

Your modem setup is complete. You can also make any other settings on the same interface.

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