Wyze Cam Security Camera SETUP

When you buy the Wyze Cam camera, the charging cable and installation document come with the device as shown in the picture inside the box. Wyze Cam camera features include color night viewing, indoor and outdoor use, Full HD video, cloud storage system, versatile mounting, true two-way talk, and mini siren. All the necessary features that a camera should have and need are sufficient.

How to setup Wyze Cam (Step by Step)

1) First you need to charge your device. You can charge the charger that comes out of the box by connecting it to the socket and your device. In normal use, it is recommended to charge immediately before the charge level drops below 20%, otherwise the recording may stop. You can also charge while the camera is on. While charging, the red light will flash, and the light will be fixed when fully charged.

2) Download the relevant application from the Android or iOS store.

3) Connect your device to wifi network. As you know, the cameras only work when connected to the 2.4 ghz wifi network. Make sure that 2.4 ghz wifi network is selected on your router.

4) When you enter the camera application, add your Wyze Cam camera by tapping the + add device button.

5) Press the SETUP button on the bottom of the camera while the camera is plugged in. This way, your device will be ready to connect. On the application, you will see the text “Ready to connect” and it will tell you aloud. Then tap the NEXT button on the app.

6) Select the 2.4 ghz wifi network from the screen that appears and enter your wifi password and tap the NEXT button. Here, it is recommended to check the password show section in order not to enter your password incorrectly.

7) Scan the QR code in the Wyze app.
Hold the camera to your phone’s screen while the QR code is displayed. It will say “QR code scanned please wait”, then “Installation complete.” will say. In the app, check the box next to “I heard,” QR code scanned. Tap the NEXT button. Now here you will need to give your device a name. You can give it whatever name you want. You can give it a name according to your intended use, for example “Furry Cam”. After completing this part, FINISH Touch the button.

It may ask you to share your device. If you want, you can share it, if you want, you can mark the option later.


  • Keep your camera 6 inches away from your phone so it will scan the QR code more easily.
  • Tilt your phone slightly to avoid glare.
  • Move the camera closer and further away from the phone slowly.

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