Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite (Setup, Pairing, Review, ALL IN ONE)

How To Setup Xiaomi Mi Watch

  • Download Mi wear application from Android market
  • Turn on your watch by pressing the function button and open the app on your mobile phone
  • Select English as the language
  • Download Google OS app from Play market
  • Open both apps on your phone and pair them.

Your watch should now be paired. If there is a problem, reset the clock via system settings and try pairing again.

How to connect

1) Create a Xioami Mi account and then log in to your account. Scan your QR code in the Mi wear app you downloaded and your watch will be matched.

2) Log in to your Mi account and open the Mi waer application again. Add your device in the Add device section of your Xioami Mi account. The Mi account will define the required pairing with the app.

In pairings, the pairing code appears on both the watch and the phone. The pairing button on the smart watch may also have come as a notification. You can complete the pairing by pressing it.

How to update

Go to: Swipe Up > Settings > System > About > System Updates

In order to use the current features of your device, it is important to update the device software as the first method used, especially to fix device slowness and some problems. It is important to update the Xioami Mi watch lite to increase its performance and charging time.

How to reset Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

If you want to sell your device or reset your passwords, you can reset it. You may also want to reset your data or wipe your memory card, your device may have had a problem and it is running slow, you are constantly encountering problems, then what you need to do is to factory reset your Mi watch lite.

When you reset the device, it will return to factory settings and it will be as if it was bought completely new. Therefore, if you do not want to lose all the features and memory you use, do not forget to backup them beforehand.

Reset steps

1) Enter the configuration settings to reset your device
2) Scroll the screen to General settings.
3) Go to “Disconnect” and “End Pairing“, press “Done”.
4) Wait a few minutes. All your apps will be optimized and your device will reboot to factory settings.


It is a clean and square-looking device. It has a plastic case, is light, and is available in 5 different color options. It’s a nice device as a fitness tracker. It is a little difficult to change the bracelet, that is, the belt part. The belt release button is on the back and you may have difficulty removing the belt by pressing it. The strap is not very stylish, but it does not bother your wrist. But of course, you can say that the price is worth it according to its features. In other words, the product you buy has a price equal to its value, it is not expensive.


  • 120 pcs watchfaces
  • Notification support
  • music control
  • Alarm
  • weather support
  • Alexa support

THERE ARE 11 DIFFERENT SPORTS MODES (such as swimming, running, cycling). It is a device that works well as a fitness tracker. It measures effort and heart rate in the exercise inn. It has features such as Firstbeat support, stress monitoring, step counting and sleep tracking. There are exercise training and recovery tracking, breathing exercises guide.

Heart Rate Data

You can monitor the heart rate in 5 minute, 10 and 30 minute periods. Shows maximum, minimum and resting heart rate data. The accuracy of the data is very good at 90%. Of course, this is the data taken from the exercises and sports done indoors. There may be errors in the data received for daily evaluations. When you force the device or increase the exercise, the data corruption starts to increase.


Although it takes 9 days of charge in normal use, it has the capacity to withstand 10 hours of charge when GBP is on. When using the device, for example, before going for a run, make sure that it is at least 50% charged. You can say that the charging capacity is good compared to the devices in its class.

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