Wifi Range Extender Setup

In our homes, we started to use the Internet from many devices, not just from a single computer. We connect to the internet with many devices such as TV, smart phone, tablets and game console. The wifi power of the modem we use doesn’t transmit strong enough signals all over the house, so we can have connection problems on our devices.

We can say that the reasons for this are the width of the house, the walls, long corridors and spaces, and the inadequate coverage. These devices, called wifi range extenders, can transmit wifi signals to every remote corner of the house without any reduction in internet speed. The most important issue here is where you put your device in your home or office. With your modem, if you place the device in the middle of the region where the internet never draws, you can receive wifi signals in the whole place.

How to setup wifi range extender?

  • Turn on the device’s repeater mode and plug it into a nearby power outlet
  • Keep the power switch on and wait until the green light turns on steadily

*Press the WPS button on your wifi range extender device and wait 6 seconds. Then immediately press the WPS button of your modem router. So your device will reboot

*After waiting a few minutes, your device’s WLAN light will be on and fixed.

*Put your device somewhere between your modem router and the area where the wifi signal is very weak, but in a place where there is little signal.

*Wait until the WLAN lights turn on. If it is weak, bring your range extender device a little closer to the main modem. Do this until full signal is provided.

If the WPS connection fails, log in to the admin interface with the default ip address of your device such as 192.168.1.x from your web browser for login. Make a wired connection by turning off the wifi part.

Click Quick Setup. Then, click Next > Wireless. Select Range Extender as the Operation Mode. Then click Search.

Find the root router’s SSID on the list, then click Connect.

Then enter the PSK password in the wpa / psk version section of your device’s wifi security section.
The issue that you should pay attention to here is that the security settings on your extender device must match the security settings of your modem. You can now use your wifi range extender device. This is all ..

7 thoughts on “Wifi Range Extender Setup

  1. Whenever i get a wifi devise, i get instantly nervoys and distressed about hooking it up after downloading the qr code to get so-called easy to hook up directions ’cause I’m an entry level techy girl. Fortunately, the instructions included using the WPS ststem off of my internet router to use instead! That alone did it much easier; faster than i had anticipated! It was very successfully done in much less time i expected. Whew!! All done in less than 2 minutes!! Yippee!! Again: whew!! I have been experiencing wifi disconnecting notices from both Alexa &; on tv screen. I don’t get ; but investing in your devise ought to resolve these issues. I also have Alexa in several locations within my ground level apt. Hopefully your devise will ✋ these notices; prevent anymore interruptions!! Just today, I’ve started it up. Now the real test of how good your devise succeeds my expectations.

  2. Just installed new netgear combo modem-router.
    Now I need to reinstall my netgear extender ac 1200.
    How do I get new password from new modem-router added to extender.

    1. You can check your password again, is it true?
      You can change your wifi password fro your router
      You still have an error you can reset your device.

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