How to Solve a “Connection Not Found Error”?

Sometimes there is a “connection not found” error called rope conflict. The main source of this problem is the connection of devices such as multiple computers or tablets to an internet provider or to a modem, resulting in a conflict of interest when using internet from multiple devices.

During the first installation of the Internet connection, if you use multiple devices, the settings need to be adjusted manually, or if automatic configuration is used, there is a rope conflict and connection error. If you use only one computer for a network, you will not encounter such a problem, but if you are using too many devices, your connection is often disconnected and then there will be continuous breaks.

Resolution of this error

The network icon is located at the bottom right of your computer screen. You must right-click this network icon. Open Network Sharing Center. Click this button.

You will see a window. Click on “local area connection 2” in this window.

In the newly opened window, press the “properties “ button and click on “internet protocol 4”.

Next, a window called“Internet protocols and properties” will be opened. There are two parts in this section. The first part should have a different number for each computer, but the second part should remain constant. To do this, change the last digits of the numbers in the first part.So your problem will be solved.

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