How to find ip address?

The IP address is an identity address that allows you to exchange data over the Internet. It is, therefore, the identification number of your computer. Internet addresses can be accessed and transferred to other computers via IP addresses.

Rope addresses are divided into two types: General and Hidden Rope Address

  • Confidential ip addresses are unknown and unknown addresses. Through these addresses, data transfer and information exchange can also be carried out over the internet. The secret IP address, but it is not the basis of the job is created as a perception. We also use the modems we use in our own home to bring mostly to hidden mode, open data to prevent the public. In other words, the secret IP address is actually completely personal.
  • General IP addresses are common and easy to find IP addresses as the name suggests. Users can reach these IP addresses at any time and if they wish, they can be found in the city where the person is located, via the server to which the modem is connected.

If you don’t know how to find IP addresses known and used by everyone, we can help you find the ip address of your computer by telling you two simple ways.

1- There are applications that we call CMD or Command Client. These applications are harmless applications that can be downloaded by every Windows based computer. You can use these applications to easily learn your ip address.

First, find the application by typing CMD in your Search button or by typing Command Client. Type ekran ipconfig con on the black screen that will open when you click and press enter.
Adres IPv4 Address ”.… The author gives you your IP address.

2- Another method is to explore your ip address by way of a test desk. From the Start screen, click Control Panel. Then click Network and Internet button and open the Network and Sharing Center. When you complete these steps, select your connection type from the screen that appears. When you click Details, IPv4 Adress will write your ip address against the text.

Here are two simple ways to find the IP address of each computer you use easily. Especially for those who do not want to install the application, it will bring serious convenience to find the ip address through Control Panel.

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