Router Password Change

Modem brands are constantly producing new featured modems. Therefore, the information for each modem may be different from one for each modem. To change the router password, you must first log in to the modem interface.

You will be presented in all kinds of Settings categories on the interface of modems and you will be given the opportunity to change the settings you want. In order to use the interface of your modem, you need to know the information such as the modem IP, username and password. After learning this information, you can easily use your interface.

Therefore, you should receive all the information necessary to secure your modem. If you have all the information, let’s talk about how to change your modem’s password.

1-Make sure that your modem is connected to your computer after checking that it is turned on.

2-Open the browser you use, such as Mozilla, Opera or Chrome. And then press Enter by typing If not, try restarting the browser.

3-Fill in the user name and password sections in the panel that appears. In general, on some AirTies modems, the user name and password must be left blank. Therefore, you can try first.

4-When you log in to the system you will see a menu. Go to wireless network settings from here.

5-open the settings menu, then select your wireless network, wireless password, and then click.

By applying these operations, you can log in to the interface of your modem at any time, reconfigure all your settings and configure them as you wish. If you forget your settings, you can reset your modem to the factory settings.

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