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TP Link is one of the most important types of modems that introduce itself at the latest but enters our lives at the earliest. Although it started to be sold later in our country, it was quickly appreciated and attracted great attention.

This is, of course, because it constantly updates itself and keeps pace with the technology. Regardless of the feature you are looking for, there is certainly a variety of TP Link modems. It is also a modem that you can buy at your own request. Price ranges are very convenient. Whether you want to buy from the internet or from technology stores.

The security settings of TP Link modems can be set by the person. To do this, you need to log in again due to modem search. The user name and password of the interface you can log in with IP address is also determined by the company. You must type “admin” in the username section of your TP Link modems and “admin” in the password section. If you are provided with your internet provider, you will need to fill in the password section with the information in your modem box. But in general, your password is the name of your internet provider. However, you can fill out the missing information with the information on the internet.

Wifi Password Change – TP LINK

Because TP Link sends a single-type modem to users, it is easier to process these modems. Because all the modems I gave by editing the information itself, provided uniqueness. Therefore, no customer needs to search for a username or password from the internet. The only IP address to be considered is the IP address. This will vary according to the modem. However, all of the modems supplied in general are compatible with the IP address If you have a TP Link modem and want to change the password, you can follow these steps.

  • Open your internet provider program. Type in the address bar (Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, etc.).
  • Your username: “admin” , Your Password is “password”.
  • Switch from the wireless network menu to the wireless setup menu and set your password. The process is so simple and fast.

By applying these operations, you can log in to the interface of your modem at any time, reconfigure all your settings and configure them as you wish. If you forget your settings, you can reset your modem to the factory settings.

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