Each modem has its own IP address, ie a gateway. These ip addresses differ according to your modems. The most common ip address is, but the most common IP address is

In order for these ip addresses to have a meaning, you should know the usage areas well and find out which IP addresses are valid for which modems. Which Modems are valid for the IP Address?

The IP address of is generally used in Net Master, Net Gear, D-Link, Action Tec and Site Com models. Because these modems have broadband routers and are therefore defined as on these modems. The use of these IP addresses developed by the modem manufacturers’ software is also modem-specific. You must also know the user name and password before you can use this IP address in these modems. The user name and passwords also differ according to modems such as the IP address. Here are some of the differences:

o In Net Master modems, user name is “admin” and password is “password”.
o In Net Gear modems, the user name is “admin” and password is “password”.
o In my D-Link modems, the user name is ”admin”, the password is “michalengelo” or username “admin”.
o Site Com modems are slightly different. Because there are two different models. In the first model, the user name ”sitecom” is defined as ”user”. In the second model, the user name “admin“ is set to “admin“ password. Introduction to the Interface Using the Rope Address

To reach the gateway by using your ip address, to check the modem settings and correct them in our direction, we need to perform certain operations in order.

• First, open your modem’s browser and enter in the address line and provide the entry.
• Then a page will be opened asking for user name and password information. Fill in the vacancies on this page using the information provided above.
• You will not be able to log in if any user has changed this information before. You can log in to the interface by returning the modem back to the factory settings and repeating the operations so that you can provide the input.

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